Munich – Germany

Ich liebe Deutschland! It's been my first visit to Munich and it was one city I always wanted to see. I was not disappointed in any way. The obvious first place you go to as a tourist is Marienplatz. This is the central link where visitors meet. Once you get of the train and walk… Continue reading Munich – Germany


The best part of India for last!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoyed my posts about India. This will be my last one about India, and I might have left the last one to be the best one! The Taj Mahal is a big favourite (if not the biggest) when travelling to India. When you walk through the entrance… Continue reading The best part of India for last!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai -A feast for the eye

The glitz and glamour of Dubai is always a big attraction for many tourists. As neighbours of Dubai, we get the chance to visit this glamorous place once in a while. We do the usual shopping in the huge malls and eat at the endless numberĀ of restaurants in Dubai. Even after a few visits, Dubai… Continue reading Dubai -A feast for the eye