Munich – Germany

Ich liebe Deutschland!


It’s been my first visit to Munich and it was one city I always wanted to see. I was not disappointed in any way. The obvious first place you go to as a tourist is Marienplatz. This is the central link where visitors meet. Once you get of the train and walk up the stairs from the station, you will find tourist coming from different directions.Some are walking from the Hofbrauhaus in Hofbrausstraße or from under the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) and the chance is good that they come from the large shopping street Neuhauser. This is surely a great meeting place or the perfect spot to eat a german delicacy on one of the benches.

Like the typical tourist we went to the Hofbrauhaus to taste their famous beer and food. The place was stacked with tourists. We were able to find a spot across a lonely Japanese tourist who were kind enough to let us sit with him. We had a great time and went back the next day to see if the band was playing. I took a few shots and made my way out of there. During the day this place is less crowded. So I would suggest if you would like to experience is, go during the day.

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We went to see the Residenz Munich. It is a beautiful palace and well worth the visit. The closest metro is Odeonplatz. The entrance to the palace is on Residenzstraße. You will receive an audio guide that explains a lot of history and interesting facts about the residenz. dsc_8806dsc_8853

A cool place to visit if you are heading to the English Garden is the place where surfers meet and showcase their skills. You can watch them from the bridge. It is where it says Eisbachwelle on the photo. (Google maps)surfers-place

dsc_8790If you enter the English Garden from there make sure you visit the The Chinesischer Turm (engl: Chinese Tower). This a great place to relax and eat a pretzel after the long walk. The beer goes well with the pretzel.  You will find a few interesting people in the garden. From sunbathing without any clothes, to wannabe fighters like the ones in the second photo below.

Close to Marienplatz is the famous St. Peter’s Church. You can climb the nearly 300 steps to reach the top and enjoy the stunning views over Munich. It is a bit cramped up there but it was worth every step.

A bucket list entry of mine was to visit the Dachau Concentration Camp near Munich. You can’t help to think what happened here to so many people. I think the crematorium was the worst place to visit as well as the gas chamber just next to it. It is definitely not a happy tourist place but still a good place to visit.

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If you wander around Marienplatz you will definitely pass through the beautiful place called Viktualienmarkt. You will see the crowds in the beer garden and fresh produce that surrounds it.

We made our way to the Olympiapark where they hosted the 1972 Olympic Games. It is a good place to stroll around and you will pass the BMW museum as well as the BMW Welt. There is a few vendors that sell crepes and coffee. We took ours and sat on a hill overlooking the whole place.

Security during our visit was on an all time high after a terrorist attack in the city. Despite this, we had a great time in Munich and enjoyed our visit. Danke Munich!





5 thoughts on “Munich – Germany”

  1. I am from Munich but live in the States now. I am glad you liked my country. Munich is beautiful in any season, you should go during Christmas season. It is magical.


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