Europe tour: Denmark

Our first stop on our European tour was Denmark. This place is really amazing! It is clean, filled with fresh air and everything works! For the first part we stayed at our friends family. It was a lovely time and we enjoyed the countryside. For the last part we visited Copenhagen and spent 2 days there. We took the train to Copenhagen and saw picturesque landscapes on our way to the capital city. It is a bustling city and we walked till our feet said “hokaaaaai”. Our hotel was quite small and we had to maneuver around each other just to get to the bathroom. But we only slept there one night, so we managed the situation very well. We’ve made use of the hop on and hop off tour buses during our stay in Copenhagen and found it a great value for money. You even get a free canal cruise.

You will see an African lady on a few my photos. She was the official South African ambassador on our trip. I’ve tried to take photos of her in front of all the major attractions, but sometimes I got carried away and completely forgot about her in my bag.

Another highlight of this tour was Legoland. It was startlingly impressive how they’ve made all those figures out of Lego. We’ve spent the whole day there but the rain caught us off guard a few times. We all scrambled to buy ponchos and the shop owners made a fortune out of the wet look participants. It was still an enjoyable day and we felt like kids in a lego store.

The Danish cuisine are to die for. No diet will allow any of the lovely food they are eating. Those pastries and pork chops are still sitting in a fat compartment, just beneath my liver. The beer is tasteful and goes excellent with the majority of food.

The first 4 photos below were taken at the Søndervig Sand Sculpture festival. This years topic was African wildlife. It was extra special as we are from Africa and we felt right at home between those wild animals.

In my next blog post, I will share some photos of our next stop on our tour: Germany.

See you soon and safe travels!


Sand sculptures in Sondervig



The food were a big favourite on this tour.


Strolling on the countryside


The Little mermaid


Danish pastry and coffee


Father Christmas seminar 


Free canal cruise





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