The best part of India for last!

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I hope you enjoyed my posts about India. This will be my last one about India, and I might have left the last one to be the best one! The Taj Mahal is a big favourite (if not the biggest) when travelling to India. When you walk through the entrance gate and see the Taj for the first time. It smacks you right in the face! It is hard to explain to people, so the best way is to show it through photos.

India April 2016-538

Agra was our last stop before heading back to Delhi. There is not much to do in Agra and the locals knows that this is the hottest tourist spot in India. We made use of a guide and the line went really quick. The only downside of using a guide was that he was a bit rushed at the end. I assume doing the same job for 12 years has it cons. If I can give you some advice, choose a bench close to the entrance gate or a spot behind the Taj, and just sit/lie there and take in what stand in front of you. The bench where princess Diana sat on will be a bit of a bad choice as the tourists stand in a queue for a photo on this famous bench.

India April 2016-495
People watching

Taking photos in India is the easiest thing to do as there are so many different people and characters around each corner. Their colourful dresses creates pretty awesome photos.

India April 2016-177

India April 2016-200

We have used a company called India Travelicious Holidays. They were good enough for us. The driver took us to every sight and were very lenient. The manager phoned us nearly every day to ask us if everything was still fine. The only word of advice I can give you regarding taking a tour is that you should add tipping the tour guide at the end of each tour. For every city (3) we’ve visited, they made use of a local tour guide. We gave them a 1000 rupees each time. The hotels we stayed in were good hotels as well. The hotel in Agra had a view of the Taj. This hotel also had a swimming pool, so remember your cossie in the hotter months. Another tip when taking a tour guide, they will stop at several shops so that you can buy some souvenirs. So be firm at the beginning of your tour regarding this. Even if you take a taxi to a mall etc. they want to show you around to famous sites.

India April 2016-527

India April 2016-188

Transportation in India is cheap and affordable. We even took a Tuk Tuk in rush hour (although India feels that it has rush hour 24/7) Taking a Tuk tuk is cheap and relatively safe. Do yourself a favour and check on YouTube how traffic looks in India and you will completely understand.

I hope you like the photos as much as I did taking them. Feel free to comment and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

My next visit will be my home country South Africa!

Safe travels and speak soon again!



India April 2016-545

India April 2016-543

India April 2016-532

India April 2016-530

India April 2016-516

India April 2016-434


India April 2016-429

India April 2016-420

India April 2016-413

India April 2016-372

India April 2016-344

India April 2016-339

India April 2016-247

India April 2016-209


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