Morning coffee on the beach – Liwa, Oman

A Happy New Year to you all! I know it is already 1 month ago, but I were a bit busy and this belated message needs to do the trick.

Uitstappie Liwa 30 Jan 2016-16

Living next to the sea is such a privilege and sometimes we totally forget what we have on our doorstep. So a few friends and I decided to get up early on a Saturday morning and drive 40km to feel the sand of a different beach. Needless to say, we got a little bit lost on our way to the beach, but eventually found the spot people were talking about. Folding open our camp chairs, coffee mugs out, biscuits and croissants spread out on the blanket, and we are ready to relax and enjoy good company. After we got heated up by the morning sunrays, we went for a stroll down the beach. There were unfortunately not as many seashells as we originally thought, but there were a few beauties engulfed in wet sand.

We saw a few murals painted by an Omani artist. Omani’s are not really accustomed to paint on their walls, but this small village seemed really impressed by the artist’s work, and so were we.




















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