2D’s – Dubai and 1 Direction

Dubai has become one of my many favourite cities! It is only a 2 hour drive from Sohar and the journey to Dubai is filled with funny moments with my friends in the car. The main reason for the weekend was the One Direction concert on the Saturday. Somewhat reluctant to go see the boy band, my friends convinced me to go along.

We went all touristy and saw a few sights over the weekend. One of the many highlights was going up the Burj Khalifa for the second time, but this time at night. Dubai doesn’t disappoint when it comes to a vibrant nightlife. To see Dubai from the sky was awesome! A big thanks to my friends for an awesome weekend!
Safe travels
Dubai Mall Aquarium


World famous restaurant


Any child’s best shop



In the souq


Spice souq



My friends







Ocean Basket (A favourite restaurant from South Africa found in Dubai)


From the Burj Khalifa







Observation deck – Burj Khalifa




Mini model of the Dubai Mall and outside fountain




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