Road trip in Oman – Feb 2015

When you buy a new car, the next logic step is to test it out. That’s what we’ve done in our one week holiday early in February. We took the road all the way to Jebel Shams Heights Resort, where we have spent the night in . It was freezing up in the mountains and sleeping in a tent didn’t really helped. The next morning we packed up and drove to the Bidiya Desert for some cool 4×4 driving.

Early the next morning we drove all the way to Sur to spent the night in a hotel. Many of you don’t know this, but in Oman you can basically camp anywhere, but with that advantage comes the disadvantage that there are no ablution facilities. So spending the night at the hotel was somewhat compulsory for us.

When in Sur, a visit to the Ras Al Jinz is a great night time activity. We saw how a Green turtle laid her eggs on the beach and witnessed how she disappeared into the ocean. It is the only place where the public can see this nesting process. It was definitely a bucket list moment! Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any pictures.

After breakfast we went to our last destination on this short road trip. We’ve set up camp on the beautiful beach of As Sifa, not far from the capital city Muscat. We’ve spent 2 days on this beach and were the only campers in sight.

Thanks to all of my fellow road trippers! It was a fun time and we should do it again!







A destroyed village bombed by UK military




Feeling adventures over Oman’s Grand Canyon (Jebel Shams) – the highest mountain in Oman



Jebel Shams Heights Resort



Camping in the Bidiya desert


We had a visitor at camp





Bidiya Desert


Add caption


Bidiya Museum




View from our hotel in Sur


Hawiyat Najm sinkhole







As Sifa beach




Breakfast rusks


Beach fire



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