South Africa

Surprise visit to South Africa

To pull off a proper surprise, takes excellent planning and family that can keep a secret long enough. I’ve decided to surprise my family in South Africa for the Christmas holiday. My sister was the chosen one and once the ticket was booked, all the preparations began. Needless to say, the surprise was a big one and my family were extremely happy to see me.

While in South Africa, we’ve decided to visit a few places and do it all in one day! We went to the Harties Cableway near Hartebeespoort Dam and were rewarded with a stunning view when we got to the top. After our trip up the mountain, we went to see how the sluice at Hartebeespoort Dam operates. For lunch we went to the well known Jasmyn Farm stall and Windmill for a delicious meal. On our way back home, we’ve decided to make a quick stop at the Union Buildings to see the majestic Nelson Mandela statue. This was huge and very special.

2 weeks went by so quickly and it was time to say our goodbyes and return to Oman. Thanks to all my family and friends for making this another special holiday!

Safe travels


Harties Cableway – Hartebeespoort Dam


Hartebeespoort Dam from the mountain



Jasmyn Farm stall and Windmill




Jasmyn Farm stall and Windmill


Hartebeespoort Dam






Hartebeespoort Dam




Nelson Mandela statue – Union Buildings, Pretoria







Touching hands with a giant




Union buildings, Pretoria


Union Buildings,Pretoria

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