Kruger National Park

My holiday in South Africa – Kruger National Park

Yes, yes, I know I’m guilty as charged! It’s been a while since my last entry, but boy oh boy, I had a great holiday since my last entry. I went on holiday in South Africa for nearly 2 months and has spent some quality time with friends and family. Now that I’m back in Oman, it is back to school and back to reality.

There were a lot of highlights during my holiday but the biggest highlight by far was our visit to the Kruger National Park. It stays the most astonishing place on earth and I loves it to bits! I hope the photos reflect the true beauty of this stunning place.

I have also added some photos of our mini-trip to Johannesburg and the Apartheid Museum. It was our first visit and one to remember. We went up the highest building in Africa (The Carlton Centre) and we’ve visited the Apartheids Museum which was also well worth the money.

Friends Mia and Rishon Ross went along on this mini-trip


Your entry ticket tells you at which entrance you will enter.



Some creative artwork at the museum


Wall of remembrance



At the top of the Carlton Centre, Johannesburg


This hyena took a relaxing mud bath


This was my favourite sight!!!


Saw this little guy on the road during our night drive





Our tent with a river view – Tamboti Camp


Some love gesture






Nothing beats this sunset! Only in Africa!


We had some visitors at our tent. These brothers know how to open a metal dustbin.


Some vultures



Their tummies full and ready for an afternoon nap. What a sight! They have caught the poor giraffe in the riverbed.


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