Camping under a meteor shower

It has been a while since my last blog post due to the end of year activities at school and packing for South Africa. I finally have enough time to do some writing!

Living in a country filled with desert sand, it is always fun to explore the unknown. A 1-2 hour drive from were we live, you enter a vast area filled with reddish sand and total silence. During the day this place is a boiling pot and I would rather not visit it during the summer months. We have decided to visit the desert in the late afternoon, when the scorching sun has added his last piece of wood in the sun fire. Setting up camp is quick especially using a pop up tent.

The real reason for our quick visit was to watch the meteor shower. Very excited we have waited in anticipation for the shower to start at around 22:00. 11-o-clock comes along and still no showers. By twelve-o-clock we decided to throw in the towel and go to bed. Packing up my tripod and camera with a very disappointing feeling inside me. It was suppose to be a once in a lifetime event. We either had the date or time wrong!

Nevertheless we had a great time in the desert for one night only and the only shower that I was thinking about, was the one you open with a tab.

Modern transport vs camel transport
Someone has a shoe missing




Sunrise over the desert




Flowers in the desert

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