Amsterdam – A true beauty

With it’s beautiful canals, friendly people, tasty food, Amsterdam, crawled straight into my heart. I absolutely love this city! I was privileged enough to visit this city on 4 occasions, and left with a smile every time on the journey back home.

The last time I’ve visited Amsterdam, was last year with friends. It was the first stop on our 21 days of travelling Europe. Rain met us at the Amsterdam Centraal Station and we had to scroll down a few streets to get to our accommodation. This time around we decided to try a different type of accommodation and stayed on a houseboat. It was a great experience and we were greeted by our friendly host, Joanne. She was very helpful in every sense of the word. She waited for us with ice cold juice and a friendly smile. The boat was cosy and we were very glad that we have chosen this as our first pit stop.

Houseboat Waterloo

Apple & Pear Fruit juice
Cow on the toilet seat
Things I’ve enjoyed most in Amsterdam:
  • Anne Frank House –
  • Riding a bike past the beautiful canals (this was a bit of a dangerous ride as your eyes are not always on the road ahead)
  • Seeing the Night watch painting for the first time in the Rijksmuseum –
  • Heineken experience tour (You get 2 free beers during this tour) –
  • Dutch food are delicious – Stroopwafels (syrup waffles), kroket, patat etc.
Frikandel or kroket
Patat – Fries / chips


Stopped at Starbucks for a warm cup of coffee (and to get rid of the rain)
A stunning rainbow after the rainstorm – Amsterdam


Beautiful klomp (wooden shoe) – Amsterdam


Stunning view from Amsterdam Library – well worth a visit, even if it is only for the view. There is also a restaurant at the top of this building.


A different view of the Science centre NEMO from the roof of the library – Amsterdam


And the view continue….. – Amsterdam 2013
Souvenir pair of klompen (wooden shoes)  in the shop in Zaanse Schans – Netherlands


Zaanse Schans – Netherlands
Friends Mia and Rishon Ross at Zaanse Schans – Netherlands
Nobody is too old to ride a bike – Volendam – Netherlands
Love locks on Magere Bridge – Amsterdam


One of the many canals. A trip on one of these canal boats / water taxis is a great way to explore Amsterdam. A trip at night is also a totally different experience.

Some aspects of Amsterdam will put certain people off. But if you look past the cannabis shops (coffee shops) and the Red light district, Amsterdam is truly a polished gem in the big Europe rock. Friendly people, lovely food and a pleasant culture make up for any doubts about this beauty of a city. It’s well worth a visit and I would love to go back one day and stay longer than the average tourist. Never say never!

Until my next travel (which will be South Africa) I will post a “throwback holiday”

Safe travels / Veilig reis


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