Food Club in a bag – Sohar, Oman

When I still lived in South Africa, 3 friends and I came up with plan to entertain us once a week. We’ve decided that each one of us would get a chance to cook for the other group members and then the remaining members would bring either drinks or dessert.  It lasted for more than 3 years! Eventually 2 of our group members got married after getting to know each other very well around the dinner table.

So when I arrived in Oman, I thought this would also work as great as it did in South Africa! Now after about 7 weeks of food club in Oman, we’re still having a ball! Last week was my turn to cook up a storm, but due to the lack of any recipes, I scavengered hunt some recipes using Pinterest (http://www.pinterest.com/phillipgrobler2/ – under food / recipes)
I’ve found this lovely idea as an alternative for eating tacos and making it more enjoyable.

You buy a packet or 2 of any flavour Doritos, some Salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and some excellent mince! You throw everything into the packet of Doritos and “voila”. For dessert, one of my friends made a layered cookies and cream mixture. Cholesterol guards and weight watchers were nowhere to be found in the room 🙂 It was a huge success and we had a really pleasant evening! I will keep you posted on any interesting and yummy food club nights!






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