Muscat, Oman

A quickie to the Capital city – Muscat

When the opportunity arises to travel, I take it on with both hands. I’ve been to Muscat on a few occasions,but never really had the chance to take my camera and see the sites Muscat has on offer.
I’ve joined good friends Riegardt and Saskia on this quickie to Muscat. When travelling with good friends, the 229km journey feels so short. Recalling memories from our time teaching together at Laerskool Tygerpoort made the conversations spark fond memories about our time at the school.
As they have been living in Oman longer than I’ve did, they showed me around, better than most travel guides would!  Muscat has beautiful beaches and some of them are quite remote with only you on the beach.

Some tourist agreeing on a price for a boat trip
We went on to visit some hidden villages where you can’t grasp the fact that behind the mountains, is a buzzing city. Children are playing and swimming between the fishing boats, while their fathers get the nets and fishing gear ready for the next day’s catch.  

Fishing village – Muscat, Oman

 Oman’s Parliament building is a beautiful sight with a picturesque dhow in front of it.  


The Parliament building and dhow at night 

As Muscat is getting ready to show us his night colours, we went to see the Al Alam Palace of the Sultan Qaboos – ruler of Oman. The palace is now only used for ceremonial purposes as the Sultan lives elsewhere. The palace is not accessible by the public.

One of the corridors in front of the palace

As it was a beautiful night, we’ve decided to get out of the car and walked down the Mutrah Cornishe. It is a stunning 3km walk around the harbour/port. The Sultan’s personal yacht “Al Said” is docked in the port.

The Al Said Yacht owned by the Sultan Qaboos

Another sight worth a visit is the Mutrah Suq. It is one of the oldest markets in the Arab world. We went into a few shops that sold antiques. Below are some of the shops and products:


One day is definitely not enough to scratch off the top layer of this picturesque city. I will make my return to this city and explore more of the amazing sites and landmarks.

Safe travels!

Copyright – Phillip Grobler
Nikon D7100 – Nikkor 18-105mm

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