Let the games begin….

Right! My first official post! I’m quite excited about this new hobby and adventure. I have travelled to a few places before but never thought of pinning them down. So this will be my first experience doing this type of thing. I currently live in Oman and my posts will be mainly about Oman except if I travel to a new destination.

During my previous vacation (31 January – 7 February 2014), I was privileged enough to travel to Sri Lanka. For a person who tend to love Europe and its structured operating systems, Sri Lanka was a bit of a culture shock. We only had enough time to spend a week in this beautiful country. Hereby some of my images of this exciting country:

Botanical gardens – Kandy
Buddha temple
This way of fishing amused me every time
Buddhism is the biggest religion in Sri Lanka 
Tuk tuk’s are the main way of travelling in Sri Lanka
Buying the morning newspaper

This family enjoyed every moment at the beach.

The people of Sri Lanka are very friendly, even when English is a language barrier for them. The food is cheap and the accommodation very affordable. This was definitely my cheapest holiday by far and I would recommend this destination to anyone who is eager to experience beauty and variety all in one place.

Until my next post! Travel safe!


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